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40 Sneaky Psychological Tricks That Will Always Give You the Upper Hand


1. Be confident.

This may be easier said than done, but assuming confident body language goes a long way towards great first (or second, third, one hundredth) impressions. People like confident people. We find them more reliable, trustworthy, and attractive

2. When you first meet someone, make note of their eye color.

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This isn’t because their eye color is important, but by taking a moment to look and make note of it, you will be giving the perfect amount of eye contact. We all know eye contact is important in social situations. Too much is creepy and uncomfortable, and not enough makes us seem shifty and untrustworthy.

3. Match body language.

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Mirroring someone’s body language is an effective way to gain rapport. Don’t overdo it in a distracting way, but subtly assume the same overall body postures. A person who stands at a distance with his arms crossed is less likely to feel comfortable with someone who stands close and uses broad open arm gestures.

4. Use a person’s name right away.

I forget names the instant I’m introduced to someone. It’s terrible. Experts recommend using the person’s name a couple of times right away to reinforce it in your mind. This has an added benefit of making the person like you more! People like to hear their name. It makes us feel important.

5. Pretend you feel comfortable.

Don’t like meeting new people or speaking in front of a crowd? Pretend you’re A-OK with it. You can trick your own brain out of its anxiety by acting like you’re comfortable in any given situation. If meeting new people makes you anxious, pretend you already know all these people. You will appear more at ease, which will make you more likable to the new people. It’s a win-win!

6. Notice people’s feet

When you approach a group of people, notice if they turn their feet towards you when you join the group. If they do, you are welcome. If they turn their bodies or heads but keep their feet pointed away from you, then you are not welcome or have interrupted at an inopportune time.

7. Stay silent and see what else they say.

If a person has not completely answered your question, or hasn’t come around to see your point yet, try remaining quiet when they finish talking. Your silence will compel them to continue talking.

8. Choose your seat wisely.

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If you expect to have a conflict with someone, seat yourself next to that person rather than across from them. Your position is less oppositional, and the person next to you is less likely to feel as threatened. This technique is handy to remember in conference rooms, or even your Thanksgiving table!

9.To better understand a group of friends, pay attention when they laugh.

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When a group of people laugh together, each person instinctively glances at the person within the group they feel most connected with. Want to know who is secretly sleeping together, or who is on the top or bottom of the social hierarchy? Check out where everyone glances next time something hilarious happens.


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